VIBE Meetings
VIBE holds regular meetings bringing together bioinformatics researchers from across Ireland.

Member Labs take turns in hosting these meetings, which focus on consolidating bioinformatics research efforts in Ireland while providing a forum for emerging bioinformatics researchers to present work and interact with colleagues.

Next Meeting - VIBE 2017
The 2017 meeting will take place in UCD towards the end of the year, hosted by Prof Ken Wolfe, Prof Emma Teeling & Dr Kevin Byrne. Registration details and abstract submission deadlines will be posted closer to the event.

Past VIBE Meetings
Since its foundation in 2000 VIBE has generally met once or twice a year.

    Date      Venue/Host
   September 2016      Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
   August 2015      Dublin City University (DCU)
   May 2014      IT Carlow
   November 2013      NUI Galway
   November 2012      National Botanic Gardens (Teagasc)
   December 2011      University College Dublin (UCD)
   September 2010      University College Cork (UCC)
   January 2010      Dublin City University (DCU)
   September 2008      NUI Maynooth
   September 2007      Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
   April 2006      St Vincent's University Hospital (UCD)
   September 2005      Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
   February 2005      Dublin City University (DCU)
   May 2004      NUI Maynooth
   November 2002      Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)
   April 2002      University College Cork (UCC)

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