RECOMB CG 2005: Workshop Schedule

Sunday 18th September Monday 19th September Tuesday 20th September
09:00-10:00 Invited talk: Ken Wolfe. Yeast genome evolution: gene losses and the origin of species abstract Invited talk: Laurent Duret. Relationships between genome organization and gene expression in mammals: selection or neutral evolution? abstract Invited talk:  Eddie Holmes. The evolution of RNA virus genomes: Adaptation and constraint abstract
10:00-10:25 C. Dessimoz, G. Cannarozzi, M. Gil, D. Margadant, A. Roth, A. Schneider and G. Gonnet. OMA, a Comprehensive, Automated Project for the Identification of Orthologs from Complete Genome Data Guillaume Blin, Cedric Chauve and Guillaume Fertin. Genes Order and Phylogenetic Reconstruction: Application to  gamma-Proteobacteria Guillaume Bourque,Yasmine Yacef and Nadia El-Mabrouk. Maximizing synteny blocks to identify ancestral homologs
10:25-10:50 coffee coffee coffee
10:50-11:15 Rose Hoberman and Dannie Durand. The Incompatible Desiderata of Gene Cluster Properties Liran Carmel, Igor Rogozin, Yuri Wolf and Eugene Koonin. An Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for Analysis of Evolution of Exon-Intron Structure of Eukaryotic Genes Cathal Seoighe and Konrad Scheffler. Very low power to detect asymmetric divergence of duplicated genes
11:15-11:40 David Sankoff and Lani Haque. Power Boosts for Cluster Tests Krister Swenson, Nicholas Pattengale and Bernard Moret. A Framework for Orthology Assignment Using Gene Rearrangement Data Jeffrey M. Marcus. A Partial Solution to the C-Value Paradox
11:40-12:15 Narayanan Raghupathy and Dannie Durand. Individual gene cluster statistics in noisy maps Abraham Bachrach, Kevin Chen, Chris Harrelson, Radu Mihaescu, Satish Rao and Apurva Shah. Lower Bounds for Maximum Parsimony with Gene Order Data David Sankoff, Chunfang Zheng and Aleksander Lenert. Reversals of Fortune
12:15-13:30 lunch lunch lunch
14:00-15:00 Invited talk: Jeffrey Lawrence. Stepwise divergence of bacterial lineages: species in pieces abstract
Invited talk: Stephan Schuster. Genome evolution in host-adapted bacteria. abstract

15:00-15:25 Giuseppe Lancia, Marcello Dalpasso and Romeo Rizzi. The String Barcoding Problem is NP-Hard
Miklos Csuros. Likely Scenarios of Intron Evolution
15:25-15:50 coffee coffee
15:50-16:50 Invited talk: Sophia Yancopoulos.
True GRITT: Genomic Rearrangement by Inversion, Translocation & (Generalized) Transposition abstract
Invited talk: Anne Bergeron. Defining Gene Clusters: 24 Ways of Looking at Mount Fuji abstract

6pm: Poster session
Wine and cheese reception
8pm: Conference Dinner
Schoolhouse Restaurant.