You can stay at one of the many hotels in Dublin's city centre. The Alexander, Davenport and Mont Clare hotels are all adjacent to College (hotel website). The Trinity College rate is €129 per room per night (breakfast and service charge extra). Wired and wireless internet is available in the Alexander and Davenport hotels (€10 for 12 hours or €15 for 24 hours). If you wish to stay at one of these hotels please reserve it directly yourself and mention Trinity College to avail of the reduced rate.

There is also limited availability of rooms in the university. For more information on the accommodation types, look here: To book university accommodation contact the accommodation office (contact details indicated in the linked webpage).

University accommodation - arrival and collection of keys: etc.

Please find general information about checking in to university guestrooms here:


The poster display boards are 1000mm wide and 2250mm high. They are covered in blue loop nylon.

Best student or postdoc paper and poster prizes

There will be two prizes of €250 each for the best talk and the best poster by a student or postdoc. These prizes are sponsored by Science Foundation Ireland