Media Coverage and Public Engagement

Speaking at Ignite Dublin #1 in the Science Gallery
Genes That Make Us HumanScience Magazine, 1st September, 2009
Genes that only humans haveNew Scientist, 5th September, 2009
TCD researchers first to find genes unique to humansIrish Times, Front Page 2nd September, 2009
Our extra something special that sets us apartIrish Times, opinion piece by science editor Dick Ahlstrom, 2nd September, 2009
Morning Ireland 2nd Sept interview on novel human genes.
TCD researchers make significant gene discovery
RTE (national) radio, 2nd September 2009
"Social Genes Are More Successful"
Science page article describing our recent paper on interacting gene clusters in the human genome
Irish Times, 16th October 2008
50 years of Genetics at Trinity Irish Times, 18th September 2008
Craig Venter Biography Book Review Irish Times, 13th November 2007
Focus on Science Irish Times, 9th November 2007